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You can reach us at the following address:
13575 58th St. N Clearwater, FL 33760

From Monday to Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm call us at:
(813) 415-1445

Fax # (888) 415-7378

We will walk you through every step of the process and assist you in making the decisions needed to secure the best rate for you finger printing and background screening needs.

Missed Appointment: Each time a customer misses an appointment without providing proper notice, another customer is prevented from receiving service. Therefore, Elements Essential reserves the right to charge a fee of $25.00 for all missed appointments (“no shows”) and appointments which, absent a compelling reason, are not cancelled with a 3-hour advance notice.

Opt In: By enlisting, signing up for, utilizing our services, and scheduling with us you agree to the terms and rates of the services, also allowing voice/ text messages/ automated calling/ as well as emails from us directly and or an automated service.

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